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Beanies, Aleppo and The Magicians

Beanies, Aleppo and The Magicians: Beanies flavoured coffee

When every month a hefty chunk of the dough goes to fund travel expenses, one needs to use the remaining chips carefully. Putting money away for the next trip is super important but at the same time, I want to enjoy life here at home and spoiling myself with a little this and that goes a long way to do so. Here are the things I am enjoying this month.

Beanies coffee. They are flavoured. ‘Nuff said. No, really, they are kind of amazing. Both hot and cold, especially with rice milk. I was never a regular coffee consumer or someone knowledgeable about the different kinds of beans/roasts, still not, but I do like the smell/taste of it, and really liked the sound of these flavours (Creme Brulee? Maple Walnut? yum, yum, gimme, gimme…) so I thought why not. And now I’m addicted.

Actually, I started with a different (“local”) brand and their Hazelnut coffee (also very tasty) and then upgraded to Beanies. They just have a larger, more interesting-sounding range of flavours. You can choose instant or ground coffee as well, but I went with whole beans (medium roast), and now I sound like an expert, kinda, haha. I do heard that whole bean coffee has a stronger, fresher taste (as long the beans are fresh) but honestly I choose it mostly because I love watching the coffee machine as it grinds the little coffee beans. It sounds so therapeutic. Then once I have my cup, I take my sweet time with it, sipping it for hours.


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