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Wonders of Herzegovina and Mostar

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar

As I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina for four days, adding into the mix a day trip around the Herzegovina parts of the country seemed like a no brainer, especially seeing how I was simply dying to see Mostar. Just look at that bridge! Mostar is beautiful, but even on a rainy day, so many people.

I took some gorgeous photos in Mostar (was totally worth shelling out for Koskin-Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque to have the best view of the famous Old Bridge, pretty much all to myself), but actually enjoyed the time spent at the other less crowded spots, like the Jablanica bridge on the river Neretva or the little village of Počitelj, a whole lot more.

They say most days are sunny in Herzegovina, but my visit, well, it did not fall on one of those days. The raindrops were coming down half the time, but at least it made for a nice, moody backdrop.

I usually don’t do this, but as I didn’t see any other way to see this much in a day, I booked a one day trip (with Sarajevo Funky Tours). It was such a great decision! I managed to see (and learn!) so much of this courageous country. Before my visit I knew… pretty much nothing about Bosnia and Herzegovina, but if you listen, travel can be the greatest history teacher, and this time my ears were perked. BaH went through so many hardships… but they came out stronger and… radiant as ever. (This little taste of Bosnia only got my hunger going, I really have to go back and explore it more)

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar BridgeJablanica bridge on the river Neretvalittle village of Počitelj

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