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洞窟体験 – Open Air Cave Museum in Granada

洞窟体験 // Cave Museum - Granada, Spain

The walk, I remember that long walk. Those steps, just going up and up, and up some more. You think the open air museum – Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte – will appear right after that next corner, but it won’t… not until you made it to the almost very top. Still that view (of Sacromonte and Alhambra!). So worth it. その日は少し風邪気味だったので、山登りをより一層きついと感じたのは、そのせいでもあるかもしれない。

I found this “gypsy” cave museum kinda adorable. It’s on the small side – you can easily finish touring the caves in an hour, or less. I went on my last day in Granada, my last morning to be exact, and once I finally got up there, didn’t have much time to spend exploring… still I tried to make the most of it and took a brief snoop into each cave. 限られていた時間内で、目一杯その洞窟体験を楽しむことにした。珍しいものをいっぱい見れて、頑張って登ってみて良かったなと思う。

Gypsies are actually not that rare around here either, but the way they lived, and some of them still lives, in Granada, that was interesting to see. Those caves are really something. So small, but because of the white walls and the colorful decorations, they still feel… inviting. 洞窟の空間が狭くて、天井は低いし、近代的な生活に必要なものは何一つないし、それなのに中に入ってみるとけっこう居心地のいいような雰囲気だった。

There are also a bunch of unusual statues around the caves as well as a nice variety of plants (wish I had a bit more time to look at them). But I also felt pretty lucky as at the time of my brief visit, I was the only visitor. エリア全体を独り占めできて最高にラッキーだったよね。

Also while everything in those caves – the furniture, the decoration, the crafting tools of traditional living –  are reconstructed, if you are adventurous enough (beware of the dangers lurking around…), you can trek the hills of Sacromonte and find some inhabited caves… though I have heard they are quite modern now, even have electricity. I did not visit the real caves, but did spy drying clothes on the other side of the hills…. so it seems there is a community there. でもやっぱり人の家を勝手に覗き込む行為は失礼ですから、私はこの野外博物館で十分満足だった。

洞窟体験 // Cave Museum - Granada, Spain洞窟体験 // Cave Museum - Granada, Spain洞窟体験 // Cave Museum - Granada, Spain洞窟体験 // Cave Museum - Granada, Spain洞窟体験 // Cave Museum - Granada, Spain

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