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チンクエ・テッレへの日帰り旅行- Day Trip to Cinque Terre

Vernazza - Cinque Terre

Vernazza (first picture above), Manarola (second picture), Riomaggiore (fifth and sixth picture), Corniglia and Monterosso – these are the five villages that form the famous Cinque Terre (literally means Five Lands), the smallest and probably most vibrant national park in Italy. Laying in close proximity of each other these isolated coastal gems are connected – through tunnels – by railway (there are also hiking trails) and are doable as a day trip. From Milan, for example. Last May, I did just that.

I do wish, I had more time though as, in my restricted time frame (gotta catch that train back), I only managed to see Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Well, I actually did get off the train at Monterosso al Mare as well, but after looking around for a few minutes, I got right back on… So, if you are in the same boat, and have only a day there, I do recommend visiting these three as they are definitely the most picturesque. Speaking of boats, you can also do boat tours. (I really wished I had the time…) 海から見ると、更に美し姿を見せてくれるに違いない。

As the tickets are cheap and the trains run super frequently I used them between the villages (takes a few minutes to reach the next terra) and did only a little bit of hiking here and there. Mostly, to reach some of the spots from where you can take those postcard-perfect snaps. And, except for that half an hour when it was pouring like crazy (luckily the rain went away just as quickly as it came), it was super fun. Also, I’m still of the opinion that it was worth shelling out the cash for the hiking pass just for that one picture above. (you simply cannot get to some of these absolutely gorgeous spots without it)


Although the villages were swarmed by quite a crowd, once you wandered off the main path, you could have a glimpse at the more real side of Cinque Terre. Curious decorations, colorful plants, gorgeous cats, they are all there waiting for you on the narrow side streets. The reason of why the houses are painted so brightly seems to be unknown, but they sure look pretty damn amazing. Sure, from up close, you can see how old they really are (and the peeling paint), but that just gives them more character.

It wasn’t warm enough to swim, but I did spot one local(?) braving and seemingly enjoying the still cold waters… Luckily, it was definitely already ice cream weather.

While the sights are the sure highlights, the food is quite a stand out as well. That Cinque Terre Focaccia (from Pizzeria La Cambusa) in Manarola and that ice cream I got in Riomaggiore! Pure -Italian- perfection.


Ever since I saw pictures on other blogs, I have yearned to visit Cinque Terre, and I am so glad (that thanks to the trip to Milan) I was able to. It really was just as magical as I imagined it to be.

Manarola - Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreRiomaggiore - Cinque Terre Riomaggiore - Cinque Terre  Cinque Terre Focaccia (from Pizzeria La Cambusa) in Manarola Cinque Terre

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