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世の中は不思議な建物で一杯 – What a Curious Building!

A Curious Building in Ghent, Belgium

Wow, hello there! What a peculiar facade we have here. Let me just ogle you for a biiit. lol.

I travel for THIS. For the unexpected little curiosities waiting on the next street, on the next corner. Like this uniquely decorated building I happened upon… a while back…in Ghent.… during one early walk to the station. I (still) do not know a lot about the building, only that it used to be in poor condition (back in the ’70s) but is now decorated with recycled materials, and the owner got the paintings and sculptures from friends. It’s his life’s work.


There are so many things on these walls. So many little details. One does not know where to look at first. It’s like… this… overwhelming avalanche of pictures and colors and just so. many. things. 時間をかけて、ゆっくりゆっくり見れば良い。最初は気づかなかったものも沢山見つけるに違いない。

I “do” those famous buildings as well (equal opportunity architecture admirer here), but the ones landing in my heart, with their colorful mini parachutes (hey, cute sky-trooper above), are most often places like THIS one.

There is no brochure, no information prepared, no tour, instead they let me imagine the stories behind them. How did they come about? Who created them? Did it take long? Even decades, maybe… Sure, I am curious, but at the same time, loving the “mystery”. Loving that it’s mine… to imagine. To discover.


If I feel like it, I might even imagine living there. Tragically our house is of the plain white looking variety, so I have always dreamed about living in something a little more unique. Thanks to lucky discoveries like THIS, for a bit, I can live vicariously in some truly fantastic(al) buildings.

And so now, every time I find another (dream) home, my heart does a happy leap, and softly whispers…

「ただいま。」I’m home.

A Curious Building in Ghent, BelgiumA Curious Building in Ghent, BelgiumA Curious Building in Ghent, Belgium A Curious Building in Ghent, Belgium

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