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Feeling at home in Cordoba

It’s been a while since my last jaunt in Spain, but the memories of Cordoba still linger on… I actually wanted to dedicate a whole post to the Mosque of Córdoba (which is also a Cathedral…which is kinda confusing… either way, it is a truly stunning monument for sure), but once again realised I don’t have much to say… It’s been there for more than a thousand years now, I cannot exactly write anything “new” about it. And when I think about, it wasn’t (just) the Mosque what I liked about Cordoba.


It was…. the river and its wildlife that drew my attention, the Roman bridge that had me gawking at it from every angle, the water wheel I walked down to through weed and clouds of bugs, my cozy little room situated only a few minutes walk from the heart of the city, it was all of this and more.

Cordoba, as a whole, felt welcoming (to me, much more welcoming than Seville or Granada). Maybe (actually I suspect there is no maybe here), at the end, I’m a small town girl after all. パリやロンドンや東京のような大都会も大好きだけど、私にとってはコルドバがすごく心地よく感じた。I felt right at home there.

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