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Graz – Before Christmas


The architecture in Graz is really something! Modern buildings like Kunsthaus or Murinsel (this one still looked a bit meh… compared to everything else), a cute clock tower, an impressive gothic Cathedral, bridge with locks (of course they are in every city now), ancient looking carousel and ferris wheel at the Christmas market, a double spiral staircase  – just to list some of its various landmarks.

That last one, the Doppelwendeltreppe was my absolute favourite. A real hidden gem. (it was v clearly marked on the map, but it still took us some time, that we spent opening or ehem trying to open random doors, to find it. I don’t even know why now, because as it turns out it did not even have a door in the first place and we were doing loops around it the whole time… in my excuse it was a big courtyard and a whole slew of v tempting doors… or maybe the whole place is a spiral, a confusing double spiral, joking but yeah if you are in Graz you should definitely pop in for a look – I can guarantee, you’ll be doing a double take)

And the colorful light projections of stars and snowflakes at the Christmas market – those were pretty spectacular too. (I missed the one in Berlin earlier this year, so this was like a little consolation prize)

Also, roasted chestnuts. Aren’t those the best? (And I really mean the BEST, I kinda think I could live on them)

Doppelwendeltreppe double spiral staircase in GrazGraz Graz light projections Graz

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