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My Cozy Room in Sarajevo

Hostel Plaza SarajevoI absolutely loved everything about Sarajevo, including the place I stayed. Thus, welcome to my first accommodation appreciation post! (I realise that I never post about the places I stay and it’s mostly because they are nothing to write home about… or in the rare case I luck out, I simply forget to take pictures or only took some with bad lighting… bad blogger… lol)

But I was really digging my little room in Sarajevo and managed to snap two half-decent photos so – let’s share it with the wide world! (was what I was thinking)

Hostel Plaza Sarajevo is just a short walk from the old bazaar, the heart of the city, and while at first it was a bit hard to locate (the facade looks different from the photos…), once you are there, it’s easy navigating from there and back.

It is a hostel but I booked a single and what a great little room it was. Okay, nothing extra fancy (mind, it was a super cheap room), but it had all the necessities and the colors – the lovely pink and blue hues – made it feel cozy and just… lively. I cannot help but adore rooms like this. Perfect for a few nights of solo stay. And for listening to the sounds of the müezzin/church bells while enjoying a nap… Oh so Sarajevo.

Hostel Plaza SarajevoHostel Plaza Sarajevo

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