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Purple vibes of Hotel Meksiko

Hotel Meksiko LjubljanaThe thought of oh, this hotel room would look nice on my purple-ish blog might have popped into my head right upon entering it. These lovely burgundy purple hues! Just pur~fection.

I’ve already mentioned it in my previous, also first, hotel (cannot call that review) post, that I don’t do this often. Or well, at all. Writing about hotels is not my thing. I don’t know how to make it… interesting enough, I guess.

BUT, I really wanted to put Hotel Meksiko here. Purely for aesthetics reasons, if I am being honest.

The colors of the room was quite a big factor on deciding to post about that first hotel as well. So yeah, just give me more purple and it’s a shoo-in to be featured.

Sadly, none of my other recent accommodations favored this particular color group. So looks like, for the foreseeable future, this will be the last hotel post on this blog.

In case someone is curious, Hotel Meksiko is pur~ty great. In fact, I had zero complaints. The room was spacious, clean and had strong wi-fi. It’s situated not too close to the city center, but also not too far (a nice half an hour walk). I know this is riveting.

But oh, it’s actually very close to Metelkova. We are still in Ljubljana, by the way. (Should I have mentioned that sooner?) And there is a supermarket pretty much right next to it (the name was something different but it’s a lot like Lidl, if you know that chain), if that’s your thing.

Okay, this was boring , let’s not do this again anytime soon (still like seeing the pictures here though).

Hotel MeksikoHotel Meksiko

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