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「Paper Feels」 Iceland

Paper Feels Iceland

I have a habit of keeping the “paper” from my travels. Bills, entry tickets, transport tickets, passes, information pamphlets, etc. I own quite a collection now. However as I was sorting through them the other day, I noticed that on some the ink has faded and the words are hardly readable anymore. *cries* They must be saved. Or at least the information on them must be saved. Since I have a camera and this blog, I decided that along with some artistic (lol) pictures, they shall be immortalised here.

The ones from Iceland are in the worst condition (I even have to throw away some because they were just blank… and I’m pretty sure it included the ones from that super yummy ice cream shop and that hot-dog stand as I can no longer find those… cries again), so I’ll start with them:

Trad. Ice. Chocolate (70% dark chocolate), Trad. Icelandic Toffee (milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt), Trad. Ice. m. Frönsku (I think this was the milk chocolate with almond nougat) – 3×379 ikr – Duty Free Shop at Keflavik airport; One way airport transfer – Gray Line Iceland; Hallgrímskirkja entrance fee – 900 ikr; Thingvellir National Park lavatories – 200 isk (which you can pay with your credit card); Survived Iceland fridge magnet purchased at Keflavik airport – 650 ikr… and some petrol bills.

I don’t really buy souvenirs (other than the obligatory fridge magnet) but I just have this… fascination with all things paper (plus keeping the ones I get for “free” is more wallet-friendly than buying travel guides and such) so I am not planning to give up my habit. I’ll just have to make sure to take pictures of the ones where the ink is likely to disappear in time.

Paper Feels Iceland

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