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ROG Ghetto in Ljubljana

ROG Ghetto in Ljubljana

Hello my Ljubljana. This is what I came for. The abandoned, the alternative, the hidden B-side. And ROG, the once bike factory, now abandoned ghetto was one of the places I had on my list of must sees.

Along with the infamous Metelkova, of course.

While ROG is less known, to me it really delivered. Hadn’t had much expectations (it was just mentioned in passing on some list of off-the-beaten spots of Ljubjlana) but I have to say, I think I’m now even favouring it to Metelkova.

I like weird and Metelkova is weird but more like… in a creepy way. I usually go for the weird infused with a hint of charm/cuteness. And the more colorful the better.

With ROG, I was thoroughly impressed. ROG has all of it. It is a squat, but it’s a charming squat, adored with cool graffiti and even cooler sculptures.

I had such a fun time exploring its treasures, taking way too many pictures and just lol-ing over its overall weirdness. The huge graffiti of a pink gun, the blue Trabi, the old sewing maching or, probably my favorite, the giant robot(?) built out of all sorts of oddments. So many fun things to look at.

I didn’t see what’s inside, but according to the internet, it is also used as venue for cultural events, has club and studio spaces as well as parts dedicated to sports and dance practice. They also seem to be in a dispute with the city over their autonomy and the factory might be in danger of getting demolished. Hopefully that won’t happens.

Also, to finish it off on a happy note, let’s go around and look high up. The wall around the factory is full with (mostly) bicycle related art. And they are just wow.

ROG Ghetto in LjubljanaROG Ghetto in LjubljanaROG Ghetto in Ljubljana ROG Ghetto in Ljubljana

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