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ザルツブルクでちょっと一息 – Chilling in Salzburg

ザルツブルクでちょっと一息 - Chilling in Salzburg

Images of pegasus, unicorn, love locks, tasty burger and chips, quirky shop signs, with a castle as permanent background. That’s how I see Salzburg, in a nutshell, when I recall my brief visit. And Mozart… of course… scrumptious Mozart balls. ザルツブルクで天馬とユニコーンにも出会うなんて思ってもいなかったわ。まるでおとぎ話から飛び出したような不思議なところだ。ザルツブルクって。

Our very first stop was BioBurgerMeister and their BioAvocadoBurger. In one word – yum. Or in three – very, very yummy. But seriously, definitely a must if you feel like a burger (they have veggie options as well). Another perk is that you can sit outside and indulge in some good ol’ people watching. After that we did a little wander around, happened upon on a mythical creature or two and then had a well deserved マック break, because coffee and free wi-fi (meaning pokemon go!).

でもザルツブルクと言えばやっぱりモーツァルト・ボールですよね。すっごくおいしかった!! お土産にもオススメです。

We didn’t do much of the touristy (or Mozart-y) things you can do in Salzburg, but we did check out its most famous shopping street – Getreidegasse. Such a creative idea to have ornate old-fashioned shop signs hanging above modern stores. Absolutely loved it.

I just really enjoyed this whole… chilled-out city break.

Sometimes that is exactly what one needs. Just being there. Soaking in the atmosphere. Enjoying good food, coffee, hunting (…pokemon…) and just chatting away. I strongly believe, simply because you are in a place you have never been before, it does not mean you have to “do all the things”. I didn’t “do” much in Salzburg and – or maybe exactly for that reason – still have made some great memories. So – chill and (Mozart) chocolate for the win!

ザルツブルクでちょっと一息 - Chilling in Salzburgザルツブルクでちょっと一息 - Chilling in Salzburgザルツブルクでちょっと一息 - Chilling in Salzburgザルツブルクでちょっと一息 - Chilling in Salzburgザルツブルクでちょっと一息 - Chilling in Salzburg

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