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Walking The Town of Salt – Hallstatt


I had been looking forward to going to Hallstatt for quite some time, and it did not disappoint. Which, as I happened to stumble on a blog post talking about it being too touristy and a let down just before our trip, is something I was actually a bit worried about. But it was like stepping into a(n Austrian) storybook… where trees grow on houses.

I’m sure it helped that we arrived late afternoon (it meant not many people around), and although the hour was too late to visit the Bone House (something that aroused my morbid curiosity) in just two short hours we walked through the whole town. And it only took us that long because we had to stop and stare (and take pictures) every 3 seconds. Because, did you know? Hallstatt is basically one street, beginning at the lakeside and leading up to the cemetery…

Finally a place where even I cannot get lost!

… So, I think I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Oh and that last picture with the bright orange lampions? It’s a restaurant I have seen all over Instagram so of course I had to capture it too. (It wasn’t late enough to took those über romantic shots but I think it turned out pretty cute.)IMG_206311

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