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My Eyes on Budapest… in festive mood

Budapest at sunset

Yesterday was a gluttonous day. Two kinds of cakes – Cake of the country and the sugar free Cake of the country -, five scoops of ice cream – an ice cream rose involving three flavors from Gelarto Rosa, a generous dollop of francia krémes ice cream (yeah I didn’t know that existed either but it’s oh-so-good) and lastly a serving of Opera Royal (essentially a Belgian chocolate ice cream, sprinkled with white chocolate chunks and hazelnut waffle crumbles) which is this year’s Ice cream of the Country – and that was just the sweets.

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Bookish Traveler. Matcha Addict. Architecture Admirer. Part-time Concert Chaser.

Walking the Theatre District of Budapest


The first image that snaps into my mind when I think of districts and entertainment is… The Hunger Games (once a bookworm…) but no worries the theatres and eateries of Budapest’s District VI. are all memorable in a different, more lively way.

So just get off the metro at station Nyugati (Western) or Opera and start exploring. Strolling Andrassy and Podmaniczky street and the narrow streets that connect them, you’ll find some of the most famous theatres of Budapest as well as a wide array of dining options – everything you need to have a fun night/afternoon out. (I definitely recommend visiting late afternoon or early evening as that’s when the area really comes alive with movement.)

If you want some free fun, navigate your way to Thalia Theatre/Operetta Theatre (directly facing each other on the opposite sides of the street), then install yourself on one of the benches and enjoy some good ol’ fashinoned people watching.

Once there, you can also pop in the Hungarian House of Photography (it’s right next to Thalia Theatre) or opt for one of the plays on offer (if you don’t mind the language barrier…). If you crave something more edible, there is the Pesti Disznó as well as in walking distance two of my personal favorites Sir Lancelot (a medieval restaurant) and Wasabi (running sushi -yum). Or just walk around and decide for yourself – there is a diversity of choices so you’re sure to find something to your liking.

The day I snapped these pictures we went to see this weird (in a good way) play featured in Armel Opera Festival, and before that enjoyed some running sushi – not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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Bookish Traveler. Matcha Addict. Architecture Admirer. Part-time Concert Chaser.
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